About Lady Faye Jewelry

Jewelry crafted with a modern sensibility, Lady Faye Jewelry evokes nostalgic afternoons spent digging through your mother’s jewelry box. Having grown up in the Wisconsin countryside, Katie Mills spent summer days trekking through the woods filling her pockets with collected treasures. While pursuing a graphic design degree in college, she took a metalsmithing course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and knew this was her path. 

Today you’ll discover collections from her favorite modern day quests in her line — from land and sea animal castings to earthy stones to sparkly diamonds. Based out of her Portland studio, Katie uses precious metals, silver, bronze and brass materials. Whether creating a refined heirloom wedding ring to commemorate a special day or an organic forged dish showing the hand of the maker, Katie designs each piece with a story in mind and a priority on craftsmanship. Lady Faye Jewelry’s evolving line is the product of country roots, urban living and a boundless pursuit of inspired adventures.